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Pallets and cases

Top quality wooden pallets and cases for you

If you’re looking for a consistent supply of wooden pallets or cases, call us on 01594 845839 or email us - we won’t let you down. We have high stock levels of wooden pallets and cases available for fast UK despatch.

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Sustainably sourced timber and pallet blocks

Our pallets and cases are built with a viable future in mind

Lydney Pallets and Cases is very conscious about our use of timber, and we feel a strong responsibility about protecting the environment and engendering our green credentials. With that in mind, not only does the company hold ISO 9001, but it also has ISO 14,001; this allows us to track all the timber used, where it is from, which forest, and in some cases, even which tree. We are also currently working on a tree planting scheme to assist in replacing timber. Every tree we plant will, over its lifetime, remove 300 kg of Co2. The target for 2023 is for between 20,000 and 24,000 trees to be planted.

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Supplying pallets and cases to the UK

Consistently delivering top quality to our customers

Lydney Pallets have acquired the experience and expertise to deal with every imaginable problem. We successfully handle everything from heavy industrial machinery to precision circuitry and from computers to toxic chemicals. This is a flexible and comprehensive approach which has made Lydney Pallets and Cases a powerful name in the packaging field.

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Wooden Pallets In Stock

Top quality products designed to meet our customers needs

You spend a great deal of time and large sums of money ensuring that your product is finished to the highest standard. So doesn’t it deserve the very best protection if it is stored or transported. Inadequate packaging can damage your hard work as well as your reputation, so ensure that you get a cost-effective solution to moving your goods.

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wooden pallets

Wooden pallets play a major role in transporting goods from their manufacturing point to shops, warehousing/storage facilities, air freight, National and International road routes and shipping.

Put simply – a large quantity of the goods we purchase has been moved at some point via a pallet!

Wood has always proved to be the most cost effective way of producing a pallet over its alternatives – plastic, metal and, more recently, dense cardboard.

A much more versatile and cheaper product to source and work with, wooden boards and blocks can very easily be replaced with either new or re-cycled timber thus returning the pallet to service very quickly. Plastic and metal pallets are an expensive option to both purchase and repair but they do, of course, offer benefits to some customers.

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Why Choose Us

For over 30 years, Lydney Pallets have been meeting the needs of a diverse range of customers. Every customer’s needs are different and need special attention and everyone at Lydney Pallets and Cases strives to meet those demands.

Over the years, Lydney Pallets and Cases have carried out a complete variety of projects enabling them to have the experience to meet the most demanding requirements. Tell us what you would like, and we will try to meet your needs.

Lydney Pallets consider quality to be key at all stages in the business. The company currently enjoys both ISO 9001 and ISO 14,001, ensuring that every product that leaves our plant meets the highest standards achievable today.

The company is very proud of the highly experienced staff employed at Lydney, with many members of staff having worked at the company for several years. All our staff are keen to ensure that the level of quality is always maintained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell reconditioned pallets?

We do not currently sell reconditioned pallets or cases because of the ISPM 15 rules, in as much that we cannot guarantee that the existing wood has met all the standards required. We are prepared to repair pallets for our customers that are manufactured by ourselves.

Do you make standard wooden cases?

We manufacture a wide range of wooden pallets to match our customers’ specific requirements. This includes bespoke pallets, customised to meet our customers’ exact specifications, to standard UK and European sized new wooden pallets.

Are you ISO 14,001 qualified?

Our company currently enjoys both ISO 9001 and ISO 14,001, ensuring that every product that leaves our plant meets the highest standards achievable today. We acquire FSC-certified timber, both from the UK and overseas, plus we always strive to get the best quality and price for our customers. Finally, all our products adhere to timber regulations and are obtained from trusted suppliers.

What kind of timber is used in the manufacture of pallets?

Heat treated kiln dried timber is used in the manufacture of our pallets. It is fully supported with the relevant heat treatment certification confirming all timber adheres to the strict ISPM15 C56/30 regulations.

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